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All Quality Is Subjective

In the today’s world of continually improving network quality, why do we still see so many customer complaints and why do operators continue to experience high levels of churn? Network quality is not equal to quality as it is perceived by end users. Frequently, the distance between the two is surprisingly high. Why is that so? And how do we improve it? How can we keep customers happy, loyal and expanding their services? This is what QuEST Wireless Customer Experience (WCX) is all about.

QuEST WCX connects the dots between the subjective and objective, a significant innovation that will benefit all stakeholders (Service Providers, Consumers, and Regulators). We can now measure this distance for the first time and use that information to identify the most effective ways to align the two. QuEST WCX measures subjective and objective data at the same time, for the identical service, streaming, chatting, surfing, gaming.

A New Kind of Quality Standard

QuEST WCX helps project participants focus on the “vital few” areas that will have the greatest impact.  And as this set of drivers is comparable among consumers across all countries, using QuEST Forum’s benchmarking platforms, they can be used as a reference between countries and nations, as well as between national service providers.

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