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The quality reference of the future

What is ‘Subjective’ Quality?

For us as consumers, quality is what it appears to be. We take our perception to be ‘real’. QuEST-WCX measures subjective, perceived quality of mobile network users, along with technical performance data, being recorded from the user’s smartphone at the same point in time.

Business in wireless communications is being driven by subjective quality. Therefore, QuEST-WCX tracks and traces subjective quality in a standardized way as a Wireless Customer Experience Benchmark for each country. We track user and usage trends, and generate data that are extremely relevant for the future of each operator. The benchmark values can be blended with other quality data as provided by QuEST Forum until now.

The insight into the ‘delta’ between subjective and technical network quality is a powerful indicator to fine-tune the network in an operative and measureable way. We provide consulting and analysis services for single operators to make subjective quality an actionable element in network management.

We want to provide analysis of problems to derive improvement points that have the biggest effect on business. We want to help equipment manufacturers to enable operators to cater to the specific user demand. In this area we see huge chances for innovative and attractive services that go along with an improved customer experience and loyalty.

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