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Perception Versus Reality. Learning from Customer Perception to Achieve Market Success

There is a statement in our industry that we know to be true: Technology continues to evolve at a very fast rate, while people are slow to change. This means that regardless of advances in technology, people’s perception and experience in that technology will always be the bottleneck to perceived success.

How do you Know Where the Bottleneck Happens?

Social media, smart phones and advances in network infrastructure have required infrastructure changes in the telecommunications industry. This new “Social Infrastructure” has triggered psychological changes in behavior. Apple’s Facetime application, for example, has taken video conferencing from the office to the home. For audio and video quality to match the expectations of the consumer, there had to be a technology change. If not, the customer experience, or journey, is disrupted.

Unknowingly by consumers, there is a direct relationship between operators and subscribers in this customer experience. Unfortunately, customer experience analysis shows that in telecom markets, operators are not typically focused on the top perception points in order to win the competitive battle. They are instead, focused on the technical aspects of their network.

Winning the Competitive Battle

To win the competitive battle, or even compete, companies have to look at both network related issues and personal interaction. Personal interaction takes place both on the device and personal contact with the customer themselves. Movement between operators is therefore bigger than just the network.

QuEST WCX is a new mobile app from three key players in the research and benchmarking arena. It tracks the 10 key factors that most influence customer perception. This list, which accounts for 80% of the subscribers’ decision-making process, is fluid and changes frequently.  The transparency QuEST WCX provides into these key factors will be help secure an operator’s ability to meet the demands of their customers and secure market success.

As a QuEST WCX customer, your organization will have access to unique, customized data that peeks into the subscriber’s point of view, benchmarks the factors against the market, and then simplifies that data to a dashboard. This allows for more efficient and insightful decision-making on factors that can make the difference between competition and success.

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