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The Core Drivers of Quality Perception

How We Determine What to Benchmark

There is a direct link between customer satisfaction and future intentions. But how do you know if you are addressing the right key elements that influence satisfaction and intention?

By addressing core service quality, relational service quality and perceived value you can determine levels of customer satisfaction and future intentions across your service offering. How?


Customer perception of quality is a journey that starts with the very first interaction and ends with the last. The types of interactions may be different based on the market, but think of it as the moment the phone rings to the moment they hang up. Everything that happens in between that time should be viewed as your quality. It is your promise and perceived value.

Getting to the Core


Mapping the customer journey

For each market, we identify the 10 core elements that make up this customer journey, and focus on the elements that are known to impact as much as 80% of business success. We then collect and benchmark that data from all participating parties, then identify the elements of the overall customer journey to measure subjective quality.

Data collection is accomplished through several methods, including:

  • Focus groups (or panels) created within the smartphone user population.
  • A dedicated smartphone research app that collects logged, objective data from a user’s daily smartphone usage, and
  • Subjective data collected via short surveys triggered regularly on-device during phone usage

The app is unobtrusive and can be co-branded to allow for an organization to offer it as their own application.

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