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Our Innovation in Benchmarking Technology

To make this possible, QuEST Forum (with its best in class benchmarking experience) has partnered with Metrinomics and P3.  Metrinomics is an innovative leader in the use of analytics with a unique focus on customer psychology while P3 has revolutionized the ability to collect user data through the use of wireless device applications.  As opposed to requiring the installation of costly hardware probes in the network to get user experience statistics, the app passively collects objective performance data directly from the user device.

In addition, the app collects subjective information in real-time and at periodic intervals. QuEST WCX projects are based on collecting and analyzing information from carefully selected user panels.  We work with the project sponsors to create panels for the specific user segments they are most interested in.  These could be regionally based and/or associated with strategic customer types (ex. Business users, millennials, etc.).  The panel sizes are statistically based so that the results are truly reflective of the segment’s broader population.

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