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The big telecom problem has a size: 30-40-30

The times are gone when a phone was just a phone and when it was used by all kinds of households. The objective of telcos were to connect one household with the other when a single person required this.

A smartphone only resembles a phone. It has the phone functionality but all the apps in addition. The most critical function of the phone in daily life depends on the individual user and on the context in which it is used.

On the other hand, telecoms continue to sell connectivity – with little ability to differentiate. Therefore they feel safe in measuring quality with technical parameters.

Value cannot be seen in the network, because it is the individual subscriber perception that counts. In the end the behavior of subscribers in renewing their contracts is the main signal of value.

With many new developments becoming part of network architecture like SDN, …. the orchestration of services is becoming central technical task. Orchestration opens the door to a new world of values that are waiting to be created.

These values are key elements measured by WCX and used to model value. They depend on subjective quality perceptions, technical resource allocation, usage contexts, and situational urgencies. They are meant to be used in real time by the individual support teams.

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