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Marketing and Sales – how to get from selling based on price to selling value?


The mobile service provider market is price driven. Due to limitations in the ability to differentiate services, price usually determines the battle. Subscribers pay for a range of resources which they can use to satisfy their mobile needs. Whatever the size of the range, for some the range is wide and limitless and for others find themselves bumping up against its walls here and there. The former tend to think they pay too much, because they feel that they are provided with more than they need. The latter group tends to think that they do not get enough value.

Both cases are typical and widespread where ‘one size fits all’ services prevail. It is the inflexibility that destroys the perception of value, and churn, with those searching for a better alternative, is high.

Marketing has achieved a certain level of flexibility because CRM systems are able to track the individual customer. This is the basis for differentiating sales activities on the micro sales level. Appropriate services are provided to individual customers in specific situations. Customer behavior analytics is one driver of this differentiation.  Based on usage history, future usage can be be predicted and service packages can then be offered pro-actively.

WCX data enriches existing CRM based processes in sales and communication. It provides the subjective side, the core element of value, which is paired with objective data from the network and contextual data from the customer journey.

With the WCX data, sales can be differentiated on value. This leads to differentiated pricing policies. For higher perceived value a higher price may be charged. But this also serves as an enabler to create new, high value offerings. Once that CRM is connected to SDN technologies, the fine tuning of resources will offer additional options that enhance the range of services into areas beyond our imagination. The core of the business model however remains to understand and measure subjective values of demand, offer a service that fits, and charge a price that creates a win-win situation for both parties .

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