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The WCX Benchmark – the Vital Few

In terms of behavior (like ‘buying again’..) human beings have a common body of patterns that is difficult to see for the individual, but we can identify it mathematically. This body of patterns generally has around 10 items, which explain customer behavior up to a maximum of 85%. We can imagine these items to be the ‘smallest common denominator of customer behavior’ across a population. Our benchmark compares operators regarding their Vital Few performance*.

This is where QuEST sets a standard that is public domain for all providers or suppliers, at the same time to serve as a reference to see whether we together are still on the right track with regard to the customer. In telecommunications, business success is the success of a chain of value creators. WCX provides the reference for all participants in this chain to reduce the risk of a weak link.

WCX benchmarks all operators according to these vital few success drivers, and provides the results to the membership and the public. All parties may get access to more details in data according to a defined purpose.

A generalized customer journey according to the results of the analysis of subscriber panels in six countries in the Americas in 2017

* This comparison does not rate the overall operator performance, but how well a provider is adapted to the demand of a ‘generalized subscriber’ in their home market.

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