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QuEST WCX – A better way to measure


  • Technical network quality is only part of the end user network perception: There are many reasons why customer perceptions deviate from measured KPIs which only represents the network parameters and not how  the end user is experiencing the network.
  • Subjective impressions are what drive customer behavior in the end. Therefore customer experience is an essential part of financial success and competitive excellence.
  • Quality data has to go beyond traditional objective measures … we also have to look at the subjective side of the customer experience. This is what drives their buying behavior … and as a result the flow of cash to operators.
  • QuEST Forum’s answer to this challenge is WCX … a solution that cost-effectively connects objective and subjective data.


How does the WCX data help us?

Service providers → Create a wireless experience that attracts and retains subscribers

For service providers: the data shows how to measure subjective quality and makes it a reference for value creation in network and services. We show how to allow the data to adjust services, interaction processes, and the individual communication flow.

Network suppliers → Draw from subjective data to improve products, services and solutions

For equipment suppliers: the data shows how to support providers to strengthen  the customer journey by their applications and solutions, supporting action flow management, and helping providers to address subjective quality drivers

Government regulators → Deepen understanding of telecommunications role in people’s lives

For regulators: the data helps them to understand the changed function of telecommunication in the lives of subscribers and to adapt their monitoring to subjective quality criteria (which would be appreciated by providers and end-customers equally). The data shows what to measure to create a Subjective Quality Index.

Handset manufacturers → Expand handset quality to encompass subjective view of device functionality

For handset manufacturers: the data shows the critical role of devices between users and their network providers, the quality of supporting user interactions on the one side and the ability to make the best use of the network resources on the other side. The data provides quality information from both sides, and provides insight into the role of the device in the flow of user activities.

Quality professionals → Tap into a richer, more comprehensive, real-time data set to re-define quality

For all quality professionals: The data contains suggestions about how to adapt the view of quality and its function (in an environment where service decisions need to be taken) and how to measure quality on the spot. Quality management needs to be measured in real time and it needs to be fed back into the system to allow corrective actions in the interaction process with customers.

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